NFL: Super Bowl age record

What a contrast: NFL coaches Bruce Arians and Andy Reid were both 68 years old when they faced off with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl last year – a duel with two older colleagues still had it not given.

Now the opposite is the case. Los Angeles Rams’ Sean McVay, 36, and Cincinnati Bengals’ Zac Taylor, 38, have become the youngest coaching pair to face each other in a Super Bowl.

For McVay, after the defeat three years ago, it is already the second Super Bowl participation in his career – on his coaching staff at the time: Taylor. McVay has such a strong reputation in the NFL that other teams hire scores of people who worked under him.

Taylor recently joked that one cup of coffee with McVay was enough to make him a head coach in the NFL.

Both can make history in the Super Bowl. The Bengals have never won, Taylor would be the first coach to lead them to the title. McVay could even become the youngest coach to win the Vince Lombardy Trophy. He’s already the youngest NFL coach. He was just 30 years old when the Rams put him in charge in 2017.


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