NFL pro apologizes for Hitler tweet

Football pro Jonathan Allen was asked to choose three people, dead or alive, that he would like to have dinner with.

In a question-and-answer game with his almost 68,000 Twitter followers, the choice fell on his grandfather, Michael Jackson and – Adolf Hitler. It rained criticism, the apology was not long in coming. “I know it was stupid,” the Washington Commanders defensive tackle later shared, deleting the entry.

According to the NFL professional, he chose Hitler because he was “a military genius”. “I love military tactics, but honestly I’d like to know why he did what he did,” Allen said. Because he assumed “that the people I chose have to answer all my questions honestly”.

Following criticism from a Jewish follower, the player wrote that he “only answered one question”, but then shared: “I tweeted something that probably hurt people and I apologize for it.” Allen (27) emphasized that Hitler was “probably one of the most evil people who ever lived”.

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