NFL Playoffs 2022: Los Angeles Rams limit ticket sales to San Francisco 49ers fans

Los Angeles Rams will seek this Sunday, January 30, to earn his place in the Super Bowl 2022 against their bitter division rivals, the San Francisco 49ers. For that, they will seek to take advantage of all possible places, and that includes the stadium crowd.

The ticket office of the Los Angeles team limited the sale of tickets only for the Los Angeles areawhich undoubtedly aroused complaints among the visiting fans, who had to make a not-so-long journey from the San Francisco Bay to the sofi stadium.

The controversial decision of the Rams obviously had its repercussionsboth by some of the 49ers leaders and among those who came, leaving everything aside, to Inglewood only to secure their place in what promises to be a great game.

Deebo Samuel vs. Los Angeles Rams

The great offensive star of the 2021 season of the National Football League (NFL) by the 49ers, the receiver Deebo Samuel, expressed his displeasure with the Rams’ decision to only allow the purchase of tickets for the Los Angeles area. “I get that we turned SoFi into Levi’s Stadium, but restricting shopping to just LA is crazy.“wrote the player on Twitter.

Still, and according to information from the VividSeats ticket resale website, the numbers don’t seem to help locals: according to the site, it is projected that 65% of the public will wear the San Francisco 49ers jersey. Let the controversy begin!


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