NFL Offseason 2022: The five coaches fired after the end of the regular season

The 2021 regular season of the National Football League (NFL) It has remained in the history books. We already have the 14 teams that will participate from this weekend in the Playoffs, and the other 18 eliminated, which were already ordered for the 2022 Draft.

But not only this implies that a franchise has been left without reaching the Postseason. Strictly speaking, it is the moment for the executives to take stock of what happened in the contest, and depending on how satisfied they are, they will make decisions.

In that sense, the main targets are the coaches. And it is that without counting the cases of Urban Meyer at Jacksonville Jaguars, plus the resignation of Jon Gruden at Las Vegas Raiders, there have been five coaches who have lost their jobs at the end of the regular season in the NFL. We review them in Bolavip.

The coaches fired in the NFL after the end of the regular season

The most recent of the technicians dismissed from their duties was Joe Judge, which he directed for two seasons at New York Giants, with a negative record of 10 games won and 23 lost, as part of a clean that the team will carry out thinking about 2022, where they will also look for an offensive coordinator and a general manager.

To this name is added Vic Fangio, that after the local defeat of Denver Broncos against Kansas City Chiefs, his departure was announced after three contests, where he achieved a mark of 19-30; From here began the Black Monday in the NFL, with three other coaching firings.

Matt Zimmer, fired after eight seasons at Minnesota Vikings (Getty Images)

In this framework, the names of mike zimmer, which arrived in 2014 at Minnesota Vikings, taking her three times to the Playoffs, and with a record of 72-56-1; the controversial Matt Nagy at Chicago Bears, whom even the fans of Chicago bulls they asked for his departure; and the most surprising of all, Brian Flores in Miami Dolphins, because he managed to finish with a positive mark in two seasons, but he could never take them to the Playoffs.

dolphin statement

The statement announcing the departure of Brian Flores (@miamidolphins)


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