NFL 2021: Steelers, Cowboys and Patriots rookies nominated for Rookie of the Year

The regular season is over National Football League (NFL), and while we wait for the Playoffs, little by little they get to know each other different awards or candidates to win awards for what was done in the 2021 campaign.

In this case, The NFL announced who will be the six players who will be the candidates to take the Rookie of the Year award, which is presented by a famous soda brand and will be decided by popular vote on social networks.

For vote, the league’s Twitter account has explained how it works, and it’s quite simple: you just have to send a tweet with the hashtag Pepsi Roy (#PepsiROY), write the name or account of your voted player and that’s it, simple isn’t it?

The candidates to win the ROY

As seen in the NFL’s tweet, the candidates have already been chosen: Najee Harris (Pittsburgh Steelers), Ja´Marr Chase (Cincinnati Bengals), Micah Parsons (Dallas Cowboys), Mac Jones (New England Patriots), Jaylen Waddle (Miami Dolphins) and Kyle Pitts (Atlanta Falcons).

The six have given reason to believe that they could be the winners, although due to the superlative performance they have had, it is likely that the prize will come out between chase of the Bengals and Parsons of the cowboys, both with seasons to remember.


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