New York Yankees sets historic home run record during June at MLB 2022


Thanks to four inspired weeks this season,Bronx BombersThey get a new mark in the Major Leagues.

A month more than dreamed was the one that consolidatednew york yankees in the 2022 season of theMajor League Baseball (MLB)where they not only consolidated their position as the best team in the American League and the regular season, but also broke a significant number of records.

In the last game of their home series, in the Bronx againstOakland Athleticsthey finishedsweepingthanks to the 5-3 victory, where the most outstanding were the gardenersAaron Judge Y Giancarlo Stantonwho got a home run each.

During the month of June, the Yankees performed in MLB 2022 nothing less than57 full lap groundoutswhere their leader was theJudgewho was dispatched with 11, followed byAnthony Rizzo with nine and by the 2017 MVP (Stanton), who got eight.


The record for home runs imposed by the Yankees in MLB 2022

As a result of this brutal statistic, taking the ball out of the park, they managed tothe record for morehome runsin the month of june in historysurpassing the 56 who achievedBaltimore Orioles in 2016 andHouston Astros in 2019, as detailedBryan Hockfrom the official site of the Majors.

Twitter: @NYBBWAA

One more detail that confirms the great campaign of the Yankees in MLB 2022, where they currently have a record of56 wins and 20 losseswith a chance to extend their record this Thursday, when they close out June in their first road game against the Astros.



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