New York Yankees and the projection that would put them above the Boston Red Sox in MLB 2022

The truth of things is that we are not able to guarantee or not that there will be a 2022 season in the Major League Baseball (MLB), what we can do is replicate certain scenarios that could occur this year, including those related to new york yankees and with his archrival Boston Red Sox.

If you remember what happened last season, both teams fought inch by inch to keep the positions to enter the wild card round, finishing with the same record, of 92 wins and 70 losses, forcing them to face each other the first phase of the Postseason, with victory for the red sox.

Looking ahead to the 2022 MLB season, the projection ZiPS, developed by fangraph and endorsed by the competition, gave a hint of what could happen with the two teams, comparing current Yankees and Red Sox rosters, And the results are amazing.

The projection of Yankees and Red Sox for the 2022 Playoffs

According to this measure, and without taking into account the moves that both teams will make when the work stoppage, the team that would finish with the best numbers would be the Bronx Bombers, even surpassing Tampa Bay Rays to stay with the Eastern Division of the American League, with a record of 90-72.

But the most striking thing is not that the Yankees advance to the Postseason without going through the wild card round, but that the Red Sox do not make the postseason, since they would also be surpassed by Toronto Blue Jays, leaving with a mark of 83-74.

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