New suitor for Durant… the Warriors

Any reaction to this headline is fine. Any feeling that this rumor arouses in you is fine.

Kevin Durant is available, and it’s much easier to list the teams that aren’t interested in him than the ones that are. Because the former are much less. The Golden State Warriors, current NBA champions and shield with which KD raised two rings (2017 and 2018), join the second group; to the franchises that wouldn’t mind dressing Durant in his colors next season. In his case for the second time in his career.

This has been stated by Marc J. Spears in a tweet and opting to silence the most perplexed with a statement hard to refute: «It’s KEVIN DURANT. You better make the call if you’re an NBA GM. It’s KEVIN DURANT.” I think you don’t need translation.

Not by Wiggins

Not to delve further into it – since it is just one more interested team and for now we do not know the degree of involvement or ‘sacrifice’ they could be willing to make in La Bahía, as well as if KD7 would want to be KD35–, just to mention that the same thing happens with Wiggins in the Warriors as with Adebayo in the Heat. It could not be used as a bargaining chip if the Nets do not get rid of Ben Simmons before, because of the clause Designated Rookie Extension rule.

Assuming further that the Big Three is immovable (Curry, Thompson, Green), Jordan Poole, James Wiseman, Moses Moody and Jonathan Kuminga would remain as the main bargaining chips.

We already said it once and few believed us. Kevin’s nightmare on the Warriors was possible. Will this be a series of more than three seasons?

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