New skepticism about the return of Frenzel and Weber

Combined national coach Hermann Weinbuch does not yet believe that his corona-positive protégés Eric Frenzel and Terence Weber will return quickly at the Olympics in Beijing.

“I’m very skeptical, unfortunately. One maybe, but whether all two? I don’t know,” said Weinbuch in Zhangjiakou. Both athletes tested positive for the virus after entering China and have been in quarantine ever since.

At Weber there was even a negative test before the values ​​developed in the other direction again. At Frenzel, the trend is good, says team doctor Stefan Pecher. However, his tests are still positive.

For the first individual, Weinbuch had refrained from using Manuel Faißt, who had flown in specially to China. In that case, he would have had to take either Frenzel or Weber off the team for the remainder of the Winter Games. Instead, Weinbuch preferred to start with three athletes in the individual on the normal hill.


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