New pizza party boxes popular with fans

Epic Games has brought a new item to the Fortnite world. The pizza party boxes are very popular on social media.

The variety of items in Fortnite is constantly increasing. A new way to heal yourself and your team was recently implemented.

The Pizza Party boxes are used to restore health and shield. This can be found on the ground, in crates or similar, or bought from the NPC “Tomato Head” in Tilted Towers.

The seller asks for 50 gold per item. Up to four copies can be purchased.

Each pizza party box contains a total of eight slices of pizza. In order to eat these, you have to throw the box on the ground and then get out the individual pieces.

The pizza can regenerate all life points, while a maximum of 50 shield points can be charged. And even Klombos can’t resist the pizza slices.

The item has been in the game for a short time. The weekly quests for Thursday (January 27) will contain a quest related to the new item.

On social media, many fans are delighted with the opportunity to heal themselves and their team with the new item. Overall, many popular items have already been introduced in chapter three.


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