New insights into the death of ex-FIA President Mosley

Former FIA President Max Mosley, who died last May, took his own life.

After learning from a cancer diagnosis that he only had a few weeks to live, the 81-year-old ex-boss of the World Automobile Association is said to have shot himself. This was the finding of an investigation at the Westminster Coroner’s Court in London.

Accordingly, Mosley informed his personal assistant at his London home the night before the suicide of his intentions and then shared a final meal with his wife.

He also left a suicide note, the court said. The Briton is said to have previously suffered from “crippling pain” and learned that he only had a “very limited life expectancy”.

“I am satisfied that Mr. Mosley would not have committed this act if he had not suffered from end-stage lymphoma,” said Chief Medical Examiner Fiona Wilcox.

After Mosley’s death on May 23, 2021, his longtime friend and companion Bernie Ecclestone (91) was particularly affected. “It’s like losing a family member, like losing a brother,” said the longtime Formula 1 promoter.

The two Brits shaped Formula 1 for 40 years. Mosley, the son of a fascist politician, doctor of physics and law, was a racing driver and co-founder of the Formula 1 team March, from 1993 to 2009 he headed the FIA.


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