New hope for FC Bayern? Rüdiger probably rejects a contract offer from Chelsea

The contract negotiations between Chelsea FC and Antonio Rüdiger continue to drag on. Therefore, with Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and FC Bayern, the possible beneficiaries should already be in line. Now the alleged interested parties can probably have new hopes for a free transfer from the central defender.

As the “Daily Mail” Reported, talks between Chelsea FC and Rüdiger have resumed. However, there still seems to be a long way to go before an agreement is reached. Accordingly, the Londoners failed with an improved contract offer.

Rüdiger is currently said to be earning the equivalent of just over six million euros a year at Chelsea. Apparently, the Blues have now offered their defender almost double the salary. Rüdiger rejected the offer, according to reports from England.

However, there should still be open and solution-oriented communication between Chelsea FC and Rüdiger. Because of this, the capital club is probably still optimistic about a possible whereabouts of the national player.

Real Madrid, FC Bayern and Co. interested?

However, Rüdiger does not lack a change option. Real Madrid and Paris-Saint Germain in particular have been said to be interested in the 28-year-old for weeks. FC Bayern also allegedly has Rüdiger on the list. In addition, Manchester United should monitor the situation of the defensive specialist very closely.

Rüdiger has been at Chelsea since the arrival of coach Thomas Tuchel and plays a key role in London’s defence.

According to media reports, the DFB professional also feels comfortable with the English first division club, so that an extension of the expiring contract seems possible. The sticking point remains the salary: According to the “Daily Mail”, Rüdiger hopes for a gross salary of around 24 million euros per season.


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