New England Patriots will seek to extend their historic ‘paternity’ against Buffalo Bills in the NFL Playoffs 2022

This Saturday night, January 15, will have the official return of New England Patriots to the Playoffs of the National Football League (NFL), and in his first match in this instance without Tom Brady, they must visit the champion of the Eastern Division of the American Conference, buffalo bills.

Although the favorite to win is the team from the State of New York, which reached the postseason with a record of 11 wins and six losses, the reality is that if we go back to the historical statistics, the advantage would be for the Bill Belichick.

We refer to the tests. The Patriots have faced the Bills in 123 games, with a New England lead of 77 wins, which is the most against any NFL opponent, with 46 losses and one draw; however, in the Playoffs the story is more limited.

Patriots will seek to maintain paternity against Bills in NFL

It is that only once did both teams face each other in the Postseason, in the 1963 Division Series, when the then called Boston Patriots they defeated Buffalo 26-8 at home, in a campaign where they reached the Championship Series.

However, when we go to the present, things are more even. In this season, the Patriots won at the Bills’ home and vice versa, leaving the series 1-1; but also, Josh Allen will play his fifth playoff game, with a 2-2 record, against an absolute debutant like mac jones.

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