Neither LeBron nor Westbrook: The players with the best point differential in the Lakers are two surprising young men

The 2021-22 season of Los angeles lakers It couldn’t be more insane and unpredictable thus far. The National Basketball Association (NBA) does not rest and those led by Lebron James They have a gambling and identity problem that they still can’t fix.

In addition to James, those called to command the franchise were Russell westbrook Y Anthony Davis. The first has an increasingly smaller role given the amount of losses he suffers per game, and the second has been injured for a long time and his physique makes him unreliable.

Given this, and against all bets, the unexpected heroes emerged. They are Malik Monk Y Austin reaves, that little by little more minutes and confidence were gained, to the point that the first is a starter and the second, a permanent substitute in the rotation of Frank vogel.

Malik Monk and Austin Reaves, Lakers leaders

That’s right, both players are the leaders in the category of +/- or differential of total points. Monk first with 124 Y Reaves second with 112. To compare: Bron is 26 and is the last with +/- positive. Next up is Westbrook at -33.

They are both 23 years old And coincidentally, the two are natives of Arkansas, where they played basketball in high school and even faced each other in a state final where Cedar Ridge College in Reaves beat EPC de Monk. Now, they are crucial in a great NBA.


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