Neither Golden State Warriors nor Phoenix Suns: NBA puts Memphis Grizzlies as its best team


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If we look at the General Classification of the National Basketball Association (NBA) After 14 weeks of competition, there is no doubt that the best teams of the moment are phoenix suns Y Golden State Warriors, first and second in the Western Conference, respectively.

The team where they play Chris-Paul Y Devin Booker has the best record in the competition, with 34 wins and nine losses; while the squad Stephen Curry Y Klay Thompson seconded him with a mark of 31-12 and it is the best local team, although it currently has a streak of three losses in their last four games.

However, when posting his usual power ranking, where it measures all the teams in the league, The NBA ignored the situation of Suns and Warriors, placing at the top of its list, for the first time in a long time, the memphis grizzlies.

For NBA the best team of the moment is NOT Warriors or Suns

Although currently the painting whose figure is Ja Morant He is third in the West, below San Francisco, with a record of 31-15, his positive streak of 12 wins in the last 13 games, 11 of them consecutive, is highlighted by the competition for statistical aspects.

They have compensated his three-point shot below average guarding the ball and breaking glass. occupy the second in offensive rebounding percentage and lead the league in second chance points (both per game and per 100 possessions)”, assured the NBA regarding the present of the Grizzlies.

Below Memphis in the power ranking of Week 14 in the competition, Phoenix (2nd), Golden State (3rd), Philadelphia 76ers Y Miami Heat, in fourth and fifth place, respectively, representing the Eastern Conference.

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