Neither Curry’s Warriors nor Booker’s Suns: The best team in the NBA in 2022

Golden State Warriors It has been projected as one of the strongest teams in the 2021-2022 season of the National Basketball Association (NBA). With them, phoenix suns He has also done his thing on the floor.

Both are very strong at the top of the Western Conference. On the other hand, in the Eastern Conference they do the same Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks. Everyone looks down on others and little by little they secure a place in the Playoffs.

However, since the beginning of the year 2022a team has come out with everything to devour their rivals on the North American boards, beginning to climb positions little by little and becoming a nightmare.

The opponent to watch

Since the beginning of 2022, Boston Celtics made a clean slate. It is as if 2021 never existed. At the moment they are listed as the best quintet so far this year, and the numbers below prove it.

Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum (Photo: Sean Gardner | Getty Images)

The Massachusetts are first in Net Rating, defensive rating and field goal percentage of their opponents. They accumulate a record of 13 wins for 6 falls while Jayson Tatum is averaging 26/8/5 and Jaylen Brown is averaging 25/7/4.


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