Neither Chicharito Hernández nor David Beckham: The world star who will earn more than US$10 million

Once again it is shown how attractive soccer in the United States is being with the mls because a world football star decided to play in Toronto F.C. to achieve something that Javier Chicharito Hernandez, or David Beckham They did: Earn more than $10 million.

With 30 years, 53 games and 10 goals in the Italian National Team, Lorenzo Insigne decided to leave Napoli to become new Toronto FC player since July 2022. The attacking midfielder has not played his first game in MLS and has already broken a record that Chicharito Hernández and Beckham could not achieve.

When david beckham came to the MLS had the incentive of a high salary and for the 2011 season he won $6.5 million dollars in the Los Angeles Galaxy. Not even close to what Lorenzo Insigne will receive. And Chicharito Hernández can’t compete with the Italian either? No!

According to official information from the MLS, the salary of Javier Chicharito Hernandez It’s $6 million a season at the Los Angeles Galaxy and it doesn’t come close to the money Insigne will receive either. Not even Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who managed to earn $7.2 million dollars, can compete with Lorenzo’s record.

Neither Chicharito, nor Beckham: The star who will earn more than US$10 million is Lorenzo Insigne

As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio, from the Italian channel Sky Sports, Lorenzo Insigne signed with Toronto FC until December 2027 with a salary that, plus incentives, will exceed US$10 million. In this way, it becomes the first player in MLS history who earns this number of dollars because neither Chicharito Hernández nor David Beckham could do it.

Lorenzo Insigne arrives in MLS (Photo: @TorontoFC)


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