NBA Trade: Possible involved in Hawks – 76ers trade for Ben Simmons

When it seemed that the situation Ben Simmons in Philadelphia 76ers It was going to get better, it didn’t. The player still does not see a single minute of action so far in the regular season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) 2021-2022.

Multiple events have occurred for the Australian to be in that position. His poor offensive effectiveness It hurt him more than he thought. Now fight against himself regain confidence and return to the best boards in the world.

However, one thing has become crystal clear, or at least that’s how Simmons projects his actions: Playing for the Sixers is not an option. Thus, an exchange would be the healthiest way to end the team-player relationship.

Trade between Philadelphia 76ers and Atlanta Hawks

There are many theories that have sounded so far. Although, in recent weeks Atlanta Hawks have joined the list of suitors with the intention of get the services of Ben Simmons, and this was revealed by a report by Shams Chanaria for The Athletic.

Ben Simmons (Photo: Elsa | Getty Images)

The Sixers will get rid of the Australian as long as a weighty name arrives in the organization. Given this, it is spoken of that those from Georgia would be placing on the table John Collins and Cam Redish to try to convince Daryl Morey, general manager of the 76ers.


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