NBA star allegedly threatened woman with gun

Basketball star Rajon Rondo may face greater legal trouble. The two-time NBA champion, most recently with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the North American professional league NBA, is said to have threatened a woman with a gun in the presence of her children last week.

According to information from “ESPN”, the person concerned reported this to the police in Rondo’s hometown of Louisville / Kentucky.

The 36-year-old Rondo is said to have left the woman’s house in anger after she disturbed him playing with one of the children. A little later, the 36-year-old returned armed and threatened the woman.

The victim then went to the police because she feared for her own safety and that of her children. The local authorities then issued a protective order. Rondo is temporarily banned from approaching the woman and her children and had to surrender all of his firearms.

NBA officials confirmed that they knew about the alleged incidents. The league is in the process of “collecting more information”.

Rajon Rondo recently ended his 16th NBA season. The four-time All-Star was eliminated with the Cavaliers in the play-offs play-in tournament.

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