MotoGP star ends up drunk in the ditch

Italian MotoGP rider Francesco Bagnaia was involved in a car accident while on holiday in Ibiza while under the influence of alcohol.

The Ducati factory driver said on Instagram that he had landed in a ditch at 3:00 a.m. after leaving a disco in front of a roundabout with the front wheels.

“The test carried out by the police showed that the blood alcohol level was higher than permitted under Spanish law,” wrote “Pecco” Bagnaia, regretting the “gross recklessness that should not have happened”.

According to media information, the runner-up world champion was found to have a blood alcohol content of almost 1.8, 0.5 is allowed in Spain. Bagnaia, currently fourth in the World Cup, advised his fans in the post to “never drive after drinking”. The World Cup is currently on summer break. It continues on August 7th in Silverstone.

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