MotoGP: Gresini Ducati pilot: Enea Bastianini is self-critical after the debut season

Enea Bastianini had a strong rookie season last year. The Ducati rider made it onto the podium at both Misano races and was only just beaten in the fight for the title “Rookie of the Year”.

Bastianini was already fast with the old version of the Ducati Desmosedici. In the 2022 season he will receive the 2021 version in the newly formed Gresini team and wants to regularly fight for the top 5 with it. Bastianini is hoping for a significant improvement, especially in the qualifying sessions.

“I have high expectations because at the end of last season I made it onto the podium twice. It made me realize that I can also be competitive in MotoGP. I want to improve further this year because I learned a lot last year could,” explains Bastianini as part of the Gresini team presentation.

MotoGP: Bastianini self-critical

“I want to be more consistent over the course of the season, including in qualifying. All my qualifying sessions last year were a disaster. With this bike, it will be easier for me to set faster lap times in qualifying,” the Gresini Ducati rider is convinced.

Why is Bastianini so sure that better qualifying sessions are possible with the 2021 Ducati? “The bike is stronger on the brakes. I can brake later than with the 2019 machine. The new bike is more stable. That’s the key in qualifying,” explains the Italian, who was already in his second MotoGP season the role of Team leaders takes over.

In November 2021, Bastianini was able to ride the new Ducati for the first time. “The DNA of these Ducati suits my riding style perfectly,” he notes. “I first tried this bike on a track. I rode it at Jerez. But I realized right from the first test that I could ride fast with it in a more relaxed way.”


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