Moto GP: Valentino Rossi ‘unreplaceable’

In November 2021, Valentino Rossi stepped down from the motorcycle world championship stage after 26 years. Rossi celebrated nine titles and 115 race wins in the World Cup and delighted the fans with his charisma.

The Italian attracted many new fans to the sport. But what happens without the icon?

“Valentino is irreplaceable,” notes Ducati sporting director Paolo Ciabatti. “He was an iconic driver. Apart from Valentino, I can only remember Giacomo Agostini, who was so well known outside of the sport at the time.”

“It won’t be easy to get the same attention,” the Ducati manager looks to the future. “People wanted to see Valentino win. On the other hand, the sport on the track is very exciting. We have a lot of young drivers who are very fast. Every race is really fun.”

Moto GP “a great format”

“I hope that the fans who came to MotoGP to support Valentino have realized that it’s a great show – whether you’re at the track or watching it on TV at home,” said Paolo Ciabatti. “It’s a great format. It delivers 45 minutes of action.”

“There are no pit stops and no strategies that are forged on the pit wall. MotoGP is also a lot of fun as a TV format,” says the Ducati sports director, who is convinced of the MotoGP format.

“We hope that, like fans, we can continue to inspire with the new up-and-coming drivers. But Valentino will definitely be missed,” said the Italian.


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