MLS rumors: Luis Suárez will leave Atlético de Madrid in June and arrive in the United States

After confirming the arrival of the Italian Lorenzo Insigne to Toronto FC, the market begins to move Major League Soccer (MLS) looking to sign more international stars for the 2022 season, this is where the name of Luis Suarez.

The Uruguayan striker who has been following for a long time from the United States, specifically since mid-2021, when Lionel messi came out of Barcelona, you have only a few months left of your two-year contract with the Atlético de Madrid and everything seems to indicate that it will not continue in Spain.

In fact, Suárez’s name appeared on the scene a few days ago, when the possibility of an exchange with Juventus by the attacker Alvaro Morata, something that was ruled out from the Turin squad, although in Italy they assure that his future will be in the MLS.

Will Luis Suárez make it to MLS?

The information was released by the newspaper Il Corriere dello Sport, who assured that at the end of this season in The league, the eastern scorer will say goodbye to the team mattress, where he has had conflicts with the technician Diego Simeone, to leave for the United States

Although the Italian media does not indicate the team that Luis Suárez could reach, but everything indicates that Inter Miami will be your destination, and we refer the tests, since figures such as Rodolfo Pizarro and Blaise Matuidi, leaving space for the MLS team to make it their new Franchise Player.


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