MLB rumors: Carlos Correa was ‘one signature’ away from reaching the New York Yankees prior to the work stoppage

The work stoppage that has had during the last five weeks sports and executive activities paralyzed in the Major League Baseball (MLB) prevented the New York Yankees get the most sought-after free agent in the market, the Puerto Rican Carlos Correa.

Although there are thousands of fans of the Mules who do not want to have shortstop in their ranks, mainly because of the $ 341 million who would be asking for a 10-season contract, the reality is that this operation was very close to being completed.

This is how he recognized it Randy wilkins, director of the documentary The Captain, which tells the story of a Yankees legend like Derek Jeter, who on his Twitter account told a reporter from the portal Fansided, that Correa was “to a signature” to arrive in the Bronx.

They claim that Correa and Yankees were nowhere near an agreement

Everything happened like this. The reporter from Fansided, Julian Gularte, commented on the social network, on January 1, the following: “it is very frustrating that the Yankees did nothing before the lockout because this was never going to end quickly “.

Before this comment, Wilkins responded on Twitter that, in Correa’s case with the Yankees they were close to reaching an agreement on the lockout. They just ran out of time. They will make moves and it will be fine. “.

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