MLB Lockout: Players respond to league’s call for help

The regular season of Major League Baseball (MLB) starts to get much more dangerous after the new episode between the owners of the franchises and Players Association (MLBPA)which extends the lockout tax in December.

In an attempt to more quickly resolve the conflict, the league did not make a counteroffer to the latest presented by the players, and did seek federal mediation to be able to come to fruitiontaking into account the lack of progress between both parties after several meetings.

What does federal mediation mean? It is a third position that comes to add value to two proposals already presented by two interests that cannot agree, in order to carry out a healthy exchange to be able to come to fruition, if both parties agree to invite it to come to the negotiating table.

What was the MLBPA’s response?

The key, as was said before, for the legal mediation to be approved, is that both parties agree, which is not the case. The MLBPA issued a statement where it is blunt: “They refused to make a counteroffer, and instead went to mediation. we reject it. This seems to go on for a long time…


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