MLB and Players meet again: There is no agreement and the work stoppage continues but with progress

When we are approaching two months since the decree of the work stoppage, suspending all kinds of activities in the Major League Baseball (MLB), league representatives met with the Players Association (MLBPA), in order to definitively look for a solution.

The appointment took place this Monday, and lasted about two hours, as revealed by the insider Jeff Passan, of the chain ESPN, and while there were important developments in the talks, the main thing is that, sadly for the fans, it’s not over yet lockout.

At the meeting, the Players Association presented its proposal Where do you leave your application? free agency based on age and significantly reduced the amount of shared income, asking MLB to funnel the money to small-market teams.

MLB and Players meet again: Is the work stoppage over?

The foregoing is part of the request that the executives made to the players almost eight weeks ago, where they suggested the elimination of three specific points: change the reserve period to six years before free agency, reduce arbitration eligibility to two years and adjust revenue sharing.

Although the work stoppage continues, the concrete thing is that both the MLB and the Players have finally brought the parties closer together, and for the same reason, will meet again this Tuesday, January 25, which is seen as a sign that new winds are blowing and activity will finally return.

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