MLB and Players do not reach an agreement and the work stoppage continues: The reason for the conflict

There is no when. This Thursday took place the expected meeting among team owners in the Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), seeking an agreement to end the work stoppage which takes six weeks.

The hope was that after a month without meeting formally, to discuss the most important issues for the 2022 season, the parties would come together and put an end to a conflict that puts the completion of Spring Training at risk.

However, there was nothing new under the sun. After a couple of hours of meeting, the MLB presented an offer with the clear objective of end the work stoppage and negotiate with the active campaign, but the Players Union did not agree and the lockout keep going.

The lockout continues: MLB and Players do not reach an agreement

What was the proposal of the owners? As reported Jeff Passan from ESPN, they offered the players additional money to all players with more than two years of career; reward draft picks to teams that don’t rig the serve of top prospects; and adjustments to the Draft lottery model.

However, the MLB left aside the main reason for the Players to fight to end the strike, which is the Universal Designated Hitter, in addition to other aspects such as improving the competitive balance with salary fund, expansion of the luxury tax, raise the minimum wage to $775 thousand dollars and more profits for athletes in terms of total league earnings. The conflict continues.

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