MLB and Players Advance in Collective Bargaining Negotiations: Work Stoppage Continues

The reality is that the work stoppage that has stopped the activities in the Major League Baseball (MLB); however, it is also true that both the executives of the teams, as well as those of the Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) they are approaching their postures.

In its second consecutive meeting this week, as detailed by the insider Jeff Passan, of the chain ESPN, although there was more general issues, on which there is not yet total agreement, there are other aspects in which the approval already exists.

The information warns that it is categorically ruled out that this week an agreement is reached between MLB and Players to put an end to the work stoppage, it is a good sign that there is an exchange of positions between the parties, although they are still very far from reaching a consensus.

MLB and Players advance in negotiations

As reported by Passan, there are three central points that were addressed at the meeting and that have not yet achieved a joint idea, the most important being the increase of the minimum wage of the players to $615 thousand dollars, still very far from what the Union is asking for, close to $775 thousand.

Another issue was that the MLB accepted a pre-arbitration bonus for those eligible athletes, based on WAR stat (Wins above replacement level); and in addition, the Majors withdrew their proposal to restructure salary arbitration, which was going to be based on this item.

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