MLB All-Star Game 2022: Commissioner Rob Manfred has postseason to choose two ‘legends’ players

As a result of the new collective bargaining agreement signed this year, the highest authority in Major League Baseball has the chance to choose one player per league for the event.

In less than two weeks, theMajor League Baseball (MLB) will live its traditional mid-season Classic, when on Tuesday, July 19, theAll-Star Game 2022in which this year will have an important role the CommissionerRob Manfred.

it all goes back to the work stoppage that took place between December 2021 and March of this yearinstance where it was possible to reach a Collective Bargaining Agreement within the work contract (CBA), allowing the start of the harvest, which has a very particular clause.

This agreement between the players and owners of MLB teams, in one of its last clauses, indicates that for the 2022 All-Star Game, in addition to those figures chosen by the fans,Commissioner Manfred has the power to choose one for each league for the event.


The only way Pujols or Cabrera will play the 2022 MLB All-Star Game

“In addition to the 32 players chosen and selected for the All-Star Game, the Commissioner may choose to add a player he selects to the roster for each League, in recognition of professional achievement of each playerhe claimedKen Rosenthalin his report toThe Athletic.

In this sense, the clause warns that “If circumstances warrant it, the Commissioner may select more than one player for each league’s roster; if we consider these requirements names like the dominicanAlbert Pujols either the venezuelanMiguel Cabrera They appear as the top candidates to receive this invitation for the 2022 MLB All-Star Game.

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