Minnesota Timberwolves tightens its rules with the unvaccinated public

The NBA went from zero to one hundred in terms of public entrance to its venues. Just a couple of playoff days passed to see the stands again close to covering the maximum capacity. The return of fans to the stadium was a priority after a year of silent pavilions. Not only because of the money that had been lost from ticket sales, but also because of what it means for social health and sporting appeal.

Now, far from that rush to return, some franchises are beginning to tweak their right of admission. Beginning January 16, Timberwolves fans they must go to matches with a mandatory mask. And after the 30th of this month, they will have to present the complete vaccination schedule against COVID-19 or a negative test carried out and verified by a medical body in the previous 72 hours.

The Celtics will also demand the same guidelines from the 15th. With these there will be 16 stadiums with these measures regarding the entrance of the public. In turn, the Toronto Raptors have drastically reduced their allowed capacity for weeks due to the threat of the latest wave. Canada, obviously, is going at a different pace from the rest of the league and on the 21st the doors of the Scotiabank Arena will be closed to the public until further notice.

(Cover photo by C. Morgan Engel/Getty Images)

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