Minnesota continues its climb and adds its fourth consecutive win against Detroit

The Minnesota Timberwolves won their fourth consecutive win by beating the Detroit Pistons 105-118 last night. The team led by Chris Finch has won seven of the last ten days and is seventh in the West (28-25) one game away from sixth place: Denver Nuggets (29-24).

Karl Anthony-Towns led the T-Wolves offense with 24 points and 12 rebounds; seconded by D’Angelo Russell with 22 points, 5 rebounds and 8 basket passes; and of a Malik Beasley who contributed 20 points and 9 rebounds as a reserve, including 5 of 9 in triples.

“This has been a great test of maturity for us,” Chris Finch told the outlet. ESPN. “They compete, they are physical, they do a lot of things that can annoy you. Every time we had the chance to extend our lead, I think we slacked off a bit. The attention to detail was not where it should be and those things are what we have to work on and overcome.”

For the Detroit Pistons, who have lost eight of their last nine meetings, Saddiq Bey led with 24 points. On his part, his teammate Trey Lyles had 16 points and Cory Joseph had 15.

“I think we played some good basketball tonight,” admitted Dwayne Casey. “We just didn’t do it for excessively long stretches. That’s our mark this year, our growth potential I would say is to make sure we extend that. I think we had some really good defensive possessions,” he added.

Once the halfway point of the regular season is over, injuries are respecting the Timberwolves, who could count on their full gala quintet: Russell, Edwards, Beverley, Vandervilt and Towns.

It should be remembered that Russell returned very recently after overcoming an injury; Beverley also overcame a sprained ankle, and they also had COVID-19 infections. With that team they have a 12-5 record.

(Cover photo: Harrison Barden/Getty Images)

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