Miles Bridges, of Michael Jordan’s Hornets, was arrested for a crime of domestic violence


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As reported by the TMZ Sports portal, Miles Bridges, Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets player until the 2021-22 NBA season, was arrested for a crime of domestic violence in Los Angeles.

The low season of the NBA 2022-23 closed the deadline day for basketball players and teams to agree on whether or not to exercise the player option to continue for one more campaign and one of the protagonists of this day was Miles Bridges for both inside and outside the league news.

According to the official NBA website, Charlotte Hornetsequipment whose owner is Michael Jordan, extended the qualifying offer to Bridges. In this way, Miles became a restricted free agent and before any offer he receives from another team, heThe MJ franchise will be able to match it to keep the small forward.

So far, everything normal, but… A few hours later, a breaking news story about Miles Bridges arrived. As reported by the portal TMZ Sports (Sports), the basketball player, who comes from playing in Jordan’s Hornets until the 2021-22 NBA season,was arrested in Los Angeles for a crime of domestic violence.

According to what was reported by TMZ Deportes, Bridges surrendered of his own free will to a jail in Los Angeles. on Wednesday, June 29 for an alleged physical altercation that occurred on Tuesday, June 28. The police sources consulted by the aforementioned portal maintained that a woman claimed that she had an argument with Miles that she became physical.

Miles Bridges was arrested for a crime of domestic violence

When police arrived at the scene of the alleged violent argument between Miles Bridges and a woman, the player. what happened to be restricted free agent by the Charlotte Hornets, was no longer on the site. While the woman had to receive medical attention according to what TMZ Sports (Sports) reported.

Miles Bridges was set on bail for $130,000 dollars and according to the latest report from TMZ Deportes, the player is already free. The forward comes from averaging per game 20.2 points, 7 rebounds and 3.8 assists. Will you stay on the team? Michael Jordan? For now, the Charlotte Hornets can match any offer they make.


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