Mick Schumacher talks about “problems” with Nikita Mazepin

The first season in Formula 1 did not go entirely smoothly for Mick Schumacher, but the Haas driver can look back with satisfaction on his debut year in the premier class. According to his own statement, he learned a lot in a special area.

It wasn’t enough for Mick Schumacher to score points in his first season in Formula 1, but the German rookie felt right at home in the premier class of motorsport from the start.

“I would say that Formula 1 has met my expectations. It also fascinates me because I feel at home. It was never like that in the junior series,” said Schumacher in an interview with the portal “CrashNet“.

He couldn’t say why he felt right at home: “Maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s the team. In the end, it’s just about me feeling comfortable in my own skin and the environment.”

Mick Schumacher on Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton

Two “old hands” of Formula 1 also helped Schumacher with the adjustment: Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Vettel’s support in particular was “great”, said the 22-year-old: “But he’s more than just my mentor, he’s my friend. That’s much more valuable and important to me.”

Hamilton also always had an open ear for him, said Schumacher about the record world champion: “He was always very open to giving me advice. When he had the time, he talked to me about certain things. That’s definitely nice to know.”

Schumacher did not want to reveal what the talks with the Brit were about: “It’s private. Some things had to do with racing, but most were just friendly conversations.”

Mick Schumacher: “Rivalry sometimes disproportionately portrayed”

As great as the support from the older Formula 1 drivers was, the rookie had to gain his own experience at the same time. According to his own statement, he learned a lot in one area.

“I think it’s always the same: the tyres. Everyone always talks about the tyres, that goes for me too. I had to understand the tires first. They are so different compared to what I’ve driven before. I have that Feeling like I got 95 percent of them,” said the Haas pilot.

Schumacher also learned a lot from his teammate Nikita Mazepin last year. The Haas duo clashed on the track more than once and made headlines at the start of the season. In the meantime, however, the German looks back on the duel against the Russian a little more calmly.

“I think our rivalry has sometimes been disproportionately portrayed. We’re not the only team-mates who have had these problems, but we’ve had them more publicly. But I would say that we work together and have the same goals. We want to take the next step and try to improve further,” said Schumacher.


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