Michael Jordan’s gesture that did not please his team against LeBron’s Lakers

A few days ago, the National Basketball Association (NBA) could join Michael Jordan Y Lebron James on the same board. However, it did not happen, as jersey 6 was absent due to injury, although ‘His Majesty’ was supporting his Charlotte Hornets.

The LaMelo Ball Troop and company fought against the Los Angeles Lakers at the Spectrum Center arena, where they won in a tight match, 117-114, with a great performance by Russell Westbrook (35 points, 5 assists, 4 rebounds).

On the other hand, Ball did his thing with 20 units, 2 assists and 7 rebounds in 34 minutes of action, contributing to the victory of his organization. Although, all the spotlights were taken by ‘MJ’ after a controversial decision.

Michael Jordan’s gesture

On the end of the commitment between Hornets and LakersMichael Jordan decided to leave the venue, still with time to play and without having the victory assured. This gesture went viral on social networks and comments quickly began.

It could have been an important matter, an emergency, or he just wanted to leave. The truth is when you are michael jordananything you do in front of the cameras would have repercussions.


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