Michael Jordan’s enemy who declared LeBron James and another NBA legend GOAT

One of the discussions that seems like it will never have an end in the circles of the National Basketball Association (NBA) is whose is it the best player in the history or GOAT. The two most mentioned are usually Michael Jordan Y Lebron James.

Now, once again, one of the many enemies that the player of Chicago bulls In his career, he expressed himself on this issue and left a controversial opinion that had repercussions. It’s one of the Bad boys, The team of Detroit Pistons from the late 1980s that made life miserable for Jordan.

Fouls, blows, series won with foul play. The Pistons players did everything to take advantage of the game and Playoffs to MJ. And the figure of the time was the base Isiah Thomas, who used to be excluded from, for example, summons to the United States selection, for his bad relationship with Your Majesty.

Now one more time as I had already done a while ago, spoke about the GOAT discussion, and not only put LeBron above his retired competitor, but also added another of the best in history, legend of Los angeles lakers.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. (Focus on Sport / Getty Images)

Isiah Thomas names LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as GOATs

Having entered the top-10 in three historic categories, James joined Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the only ones to achieve this, which is why Thomas tweeted “the two GOATS @ kaj33 (Kareem) @KingJames let it be known”, and a day before, he expressed something else about The king on the bird’s social network: “The best complete player of all time, to be known @KingJames”.




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