Michael Jordan, including: LeBron James and a controversial Top-3 of the best players in history

In an interview conducted in 2013, LeBron James chose the Top-3 of the best players in NBA history. Michael Jordan was included!

When you have the opportunity to interview a player of the caliber of Lebron James it is inevitable not to ask him about the best players in the history of the NBA and in a surprising response was not included in the list that had to Michael Jordan.

Will he have changed his mind? Most likely yes, as it is LeBron James’ answer came in 2013. ‘The king’ barely won the second title in the NBA and after the championship withMiami Heat The three best players in history according to Bron arrived.

If you take into account the order in which LeBron said the players, the first place was awarded to Michael Jordanfor, among other reasons, the six titles he won with chicago bulls in the 90’s. The other two names beat players of the stature of Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant and Earvin Magic Johnson.

Despite winning only one championship, a historic Philadelphia 76ers player, who was an All-Star in all 11 seasons he played in the NBA, was the second basketball player to Lebron James chose in his controversial Top-3 of all time.

Jordan, including: LeBron and a controversial Top-3 of the best in NBA history

In an interview conducted by Fox Sports (Sports) in 2013, LeBron James was asked about top 3 players in nba history and the answer, although he hesitated a bit, was still controversial: “The 3 best players of all time? Michael Jordan… Wow, this is hard. Michael Jordan, Dr. J (Julius Erving), Larry Bird”.

LeBron James’ Top 3 in the NBA (Photo: @hoops)


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