Michael Jordan celebrates: Charlotte Hornets get the highest score in their NBA history

Since in 2010, the star Michael Jordan He became the owner of the Charlotte Hornetsthe reality is that he has experienced more hardships than joys in his campaigns in the National Basketball Association (NBA)but it seems that this season, smiles abound.

With a very young squad, commanded by the last Rookie of the Year LaMelo Balland with striking figures such as Miles Bridges, Terry Rozier and Cody Martinthose led by James Borrego They are one of the most attractive teams to watch in the competition.

And the proof of this was given this Wednesday night, during their visit to Indiana Pacerswhom they defeated by a lofty 158-126, where the Hornets’ top figure was Kelly Oubre Jr.who converted nothing less than 39 pointswith 10 of 15 in triplesthe fifth most coming off the bench in NBA history.

Jordan proud of his Charlotte Hornets after historic achievement

As if that were not enough, in this match, LaMelo got a triple double of 29 points, 10 rebounds and 13 assistsleading the team Your Majesty to achieve two historical marks within the competition for the North Carolina franchise.

Thanks to his victory against the Pacers, the Hornets got the highest score in their historyalso thanks to their 87 points in the second half, they achieved the most scoring in the last two quarters since 1991; and as if that were not enough, they gave Indiana the worst defeat in its history.

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