Mega deal in Formula 1 coming? Porsche and Audi want F1 teams

Formula 1 could soon have a well-known addition: VW wants to enter the premier class of motorsport. According to a report, negotiations are well advanced. Audi and Porsche should even get their own racing teams.

The motorsport world has just experienced the most exciting Formula 1 finale in a long time, in which Max Verstappen snatched the crown from Lewis Hamilton in the Red Bull Mercedes world champion. Now the next coup is in the offing. According to information from the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” the Volkswagen Group is planning to enter the pinnacle of motorsport.

Real competition for Red Bull and Mercedes: According to the report, VW wants to annoy the established names of Formula 1 with its subsidiaries Audi and Porsche. According to “FAZ”, the project is only planned for 2026.

Then Formula 1 should be semi-electric and CO₂-neutral. The motorsport world association FIA wants to use a completely sustainable fuel and change the engines – V6 turbo with 1.6 liter displacement. The expensive, high-maintenance MGU-H unit, which is hardly relevant for the transfer to series vehicles, is no longer required, it generates energy from the exhaust gases. There is also a cost cap for engine development.

How does the VW supervisory board decide?

This lure – a fair, balanced and sustainable competition – for new racing teams seems to be having an effect. According to the newspaper, Audi and Porsche should not only be mere engine suppliers, but also start with their own racing teams. Both are said to have already held preliminary talks with teams.

Negotiations with the McLaren and Red Bull racing teams are well advanced. It is about a purchase offer for McLaren by Audi and a close Porsche cooperation with Red Bull.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Porsche had already competed with a works team in the racing series, and in the 1980s McLaren had supplied the engines for two drivers’ and two constructors’ titles. Then, in the 1991 season, the manufacturer from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen said goodbye to the premier class after a disappointing collaboration with the Footwork team.

Audi and Porsche reportedly want to develop the Formula 1 powertrain together, but each will offer it to other Formula 1 teams under their own names. The VW supervisory board still has to approve the plans. VW CEO Herbert Diess has long been a supporter of F1 entry.


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