McLaren ‘better than expected’ at Silverstone

McLaren seems to be able to hope for a good result at the Formula 1 weekend at Silverstone.

The racing team was in the top 10 with both cars in practice on Friday and was even able to finish third thanks to Lando Norris.

The Briton was only 0.176 seconds off the top, but he still speaks of a “difficult day”.

This was mainly due to the unstable wind at Silverstone. “It’s difficult to get into a rhythm because the car does something different every lap. And you always have different gusts of wind that can affect the car enormously,” says Norris. “Even though it was looking good, it was difficult to pull everything together and be consistent, especially on the long run.”

“It’s definitely always a challenge”

“It’s definitely always a challenge,” says team boss Andreas Seidl at “Sky”. This also makes it increasingly difficult for the team to analyze the updates in the car, even if the engineers can “recognize to a high degree” from the sensors in the car how the wind has blown.

“And if there’s a change from lap to lap, you obviously have to include that in the analysis,” says Seidl. “But of course, if you don’t have suitable conditions here, that makes it even more difficult. And above all, today we only have one session in which we had to accommodate everything because we didn’t learn anything in the first session.”

Because in the rainy first session, hardly any driver wanted to go out on the track. McLaren also basically saved the exit to save the intermediates for Saturday. “The conditions weren’t constant over the entire route, so you would have quickly destroyed the Intermediate if you had pushed,” explains Seidl.

“We only have a very limited contingent of tires available on the wet side. And you can only replace a set of intermediates after free practice 3 and we simply saved them for tomorrow morning so that we can learn really late,” according to the team leader.

McLaren optimistic, Daniel Ricciardo quarrels

Despite the not exactly easy Friday, McLaren is satisfied with the day: “The car seems to be in a decent position, a bit better than expected,” said Norris. “We don’t know if that’s because we turned it up a bit more than the others. But we can still find something for tomorrow.”

Daniel Ricciardo was not quite so happy with ninth place: “It looked okay with the hard, but I didn’t get the best of all laps on the soft,” admits the Australian. “But we’re in a decent position. We’re trying to optimize everything overnight. I’m optimistic that we can be quite good tomorrow.”

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