Max Scherzer breaks the silence of Players and speaks about the MLB work stoppage

Six weeks have passed since the Major League Baseball (MLB) decreed the work stoppage, and after the new failure of the meetings between the team owners and the Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), everything seems to indicate that it does not have its completion date.

In the midst of this panorama, there have been very few protagonists who have spoken about this pressure measure, the most prominent being Commissioner Rob Manfred, who along with criticizing the players, has given his support to what the owners are proposing.

And the players? Until now, the vast majority have been silent, with the exception of the new launcher of New York Mets, Max Scherzer, who in an interview with George Castillo, from Los Angeles Times, expressed his feelings regarding the work stoppage in the MLB.

Max Scherzer breaks the silence on work stoppage

We are in limbo right now. You’re training ready to be ready when spring training begins. If that doesn’t happen, then you make different decisions based on that. But Until that happens, you have to have the mindset that we’re going to be playing on time. Any other type of speculation is just rumours., he started pointing to the pitcher.

Asked about the position of the Players before the MLB, Scherzer maintained that we feel like players that too many teams have entered a season with no intention of winning during the past collective bargaining agreement, and although this may be a strategy to win in the coming years, we’ve seen big and small market teams adopt tanking, and that may not be the optimal strategy for owners.

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