Marko is happy about Sainz victory at Silverstone

Carlos Sainz was finally able to claim his first Grand Prix victory in Formula 1 at the 150th attempt. The Ferrari driver triumphed in the chaos of Great Britain, while his teammate Charles Leclerc only finished fourth after another failed Ferrari strategy.

In the “ServusTV show Sport and Talk from Hangar-7”, Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko spoke about the situation at Scuderia and was also asked about Sainz’s performance.

The Spaniard was raised at Red Bull’s youth academy early in his career before joining Toro Rosso at the end of 2017 [heute AlphaTauri] due to a lack of opportunities for a cockpit with the Red Bull team, left in the direction of Renault and was therefore no longer a Red Bull Junior.

“I was happy for him,” says Marko. “I’m always happy when he wins and not Leclerc, that’s quite clear. So we’re doing it sportily,” he adds with a grin. This statement gives a deep insight into which of the two Ferrari drivers Red Bull classifies as more dangerous for Max Verstappen in the world championship fight.

Did Leclerc cost Red Bull the win?

In addition, Marko says that Leclerc may have cost Red Bull the win with his courageous defensive actions at the end of the race against Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Pérez: “I was annoyed that Leclerc fought so hard with his hard and older tires, because we have a chance of winning had with Pérez.”

“We had the fastest car at the time, but in the battle first with Hamilton and then especially with Leclerc we lost the time and that’s when Sainz built up the lead that made it possible for him to win,” analyzes the motorsport consultant .

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