Marcus Smart reveals that he has been playing with crystals in his hand for four years

After the Boston Celtics beat the New Orleans Pelicans (107-97), Marcus Smart was seen flexing and rubbing his right hand. When asked by reporters if he had any injuries to his hand, Smart made a startling revelation.

«Yes, I have discomfort since the incident with the frame of that photograph. There are still pieces of glass inside my hand. The doctors told me that it would cause more problems to remove them, so I still have crystals inside. There are times when I really can’t feel my hand,” the Boston Celtics player confessed.

The picture frame incident took place in January 2018. During a failing road trip, Smart knocked into a picture frame at the hotel where the team was staying. The cuts caused him to miss three weeks of competition, but it seemed that the accident had no further travel.

Smart reported that the medical team thought it would be better to leave some of the crystal in his hand, rather than risk further injury from it. At the time of the injury, Smart’s doctors told him he was lucky he hadn’t severed several key tendons and ligaments that could have ended his career.

The Celtics point guard played against the Pelicans in one of his best games this season. Although he only added 5 points, he managed to distribute 12 assists, his highest figure of the course. This performance comes just as his status as the starting point guard is being most questioned. With last night’s victory, the Celtics return to the positive record (26-25) and continue to be immersed in the fight for the positions of playoffs.

(Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images)

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