Marco Rose: “It’s a shame and a bit stupid of us”


Borussia Dortmund lost in the round of 16 at FC St. Pauli (1:2) in the DFB-Pokal. After the game, the BVB officials found clear words. The votes for the game:

Marco Rose (Borussia Dortmund/Sky coach): “We didn’t start this cup night the way you start a cup night in the first ten minutes. With the knowledge of what to expect here. We cause ourselves problems with the deficit and play a bit headless in the first half It is a pity and a bit stupid of us that we are here after a top performance against Freiburg and didn’t follow up on the filmed game in Frankfurt. Unfortunately, we are again confirming a few things that have been held against us in the past few weeks, months and years. It’s simply our fault. Done. It’s over. The end makes me angry because it was the chance for a title and we just give the game away.”

Marco Reus (BVB captain/ARD): “Today was a bad day for us overall, not comparable to the one against Freiburg. Of course it was a different game, but we just woke up too late and St. Pauli did well. It’s extremely bitter to be kicked out here because the chance was great again and now we’re not there anymore.”

Timo Schultz (St. Pauli coach): “We made some calculations before the game. Of course a lot has to come together, but I don’t think it was deserved. I’m very proud of the lads.”

Guido Burgstaller (St. Pauli): “We went in from the start with the attitude that we wanted to play here, play football and be disgusting against the ball. Of course you always need a bit of luck against such a big opponent, we had that at the beginning. Dortmund had on One or two good chances at the beginning where they could have taken the lead. Then we did the thing with the first chance and followed it up with the second. We fought it away passionately and worked well on the ball. In the second half we had they aren’t that big anymore and we were even able to use one or the other counterattack option.”



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