Marc Roca talks about “difficult moments”

In the second attempt, there seems to have been a spark between FC Bayern and Marc Roca. The Spaniard, who has since been considered a candidate for sale, took advantage of the recent shortage of personnel in Munich’s midfield and initially settled in the team of the record champions. For the 25-year-old, however, no reason to spit big tones.

What a big difference two months can sometimes make: in mid-November, Marc Roca was already considered a transfer flop in the FC Bayern environment, and saying goodbye in winter was discussed. Instead of hanging his head, the defensive midfielder stayed on the ball – first literally, then on the pitch.

When Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka were absent for weeks, coach Julian Nagelsmann gave the former U21 European champion Roca a chance of probation, which he promptly took advantage of. The reward: In the past four Bundesliga matches, the Catalan was always allowed to start and did his job solidly as a six.

No wonder Roca smelled the morning air. However, he still refrains from overly loud declarations of war. “I notice that I’m improving here, that I’m maturing, and of course patience is required. You mustn’t lose confidence in your own strengths,” the left footer explained in a “kicker” interview.

It was crucial to have kept calm. “Of course, when you come to a new club, you want to play right away, but some things just take time,” Roca explained. In addition, there is “great competition” in his parade position in the control center.

FC Bayern: Training under Nagelsmann for Roca “an honor”

In the meantime, Roca left it open how concrete his thoughts about a change last autumn were.

“Of course there were difficult moments, you would like to play immediately, draw attention to yourself, feel important within the team,” admitted the clearer, who switched from Espanyol Barcelona to Säbener Straße in 2020 for nine million euros. However, he “never lost hope or confidence in myself”.

It was also helpful that the connection to coach Julian Nagelsmann was good from the start. “In general, I have very good communication with him, which is always important in order to understand and contribute to each other. He explained to me where and how I can improve and help the team,” revealed Roca, who gave special praise: ” It’s an honor for me to be able to train and play under him, he’s very important for my development.”

Previously, Hansi Flick had tried in vain to get the Spaniard back on track. Nevertheless, Roca now refrained from following up. “Hansi Flick was always there for me too, supported me, tried to get me there. I’m grateful to both of them,” said the 25-year-old.


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