Marc Márquez admits after an eye injury: Ending his career was an option

How fit is Marc Márquez actually ahead of the 2022 MotoGP season? On the one hand, he was still talking about pain in his right arm after the winter test drives. He is now under the care of Doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro, who has been taking care of tennis superstar Rafael Nadal for years.

Márquez is also moving from Cervera to Madrid to have a short way to the training facilities between races. On the other hand, Márquez had vision problems after the motocross crash last fall, which is why he had to end 2021 early.

All options should be on the table. Also an end to his MotoGP career. “Double vision is much worse than a bone injury with pain,” says Marquez in an interview with “Cadena SER”. A bone injury heals over time.

When nerves are injured, that’s a different story. At the end of 2011, the Spaniard had to have an eye operation after a fall in the Moto2 class due to double vision. Now he was back with Doctor Bernat Sanchez.

Márquez names three future scenarios

“He was always very straightforward and open with me,” says Marquez. “He gave me three possible scenarios: ‘We’ll wait three months. If it doesn’t heal, then there’s surgery and it takes another three months.”

‘If this surgery doesn’t work, you won’t have the vision to race a motorcycle, but you can have a normal life.’ If you have double vision, you can’t have a normal life. Sport then becomes secondary.”

Before the crash happened in motocross practice, Márquez was winning the Austin and Misano 2 races. It seemed that he was increasingly finding his way back to his former strength in sport. And then this setback happened.

Márquez: “… then you cry alone in the room”

“When doctors tell you that, sometimes you cry alone in the room because you know what’s to come – you know what can happen,” admits the six-time MotoGP world champion. “But even if you’re an optimist and want to drive, you’re also a realist.”

“It sucked, to be honest. I couldn’t live a normal life and I had this insecurity. The doctor himself says it’s a miracle that the vision healed on its own after two and a half, three months. I have no after-effects at all .”

In the coming months in Madrid he will now focus on his right upper arm, because certain movements and loads still cause pain. He also has to divide his strength. It is important that there is no inflammation in the shoulder joint.

Márquez is going through a difficult psychological phase

The past two years have been a painful and psychologically difficult phase for the 29-year-old. Honda has developed a new bike for 2022 that doesn’t necessarily suit Márquez’s natural riding style.

In this regard, too, he has to adapt to the new circumstances. How much have these two years changed him? “You get a different perspective and you mature in a different way,” says Márquez. “I also understand the sport a little differently.”

“I have the same commitment, but I pay more attention to my body. I don’t close my eyes as much anymore. I also think a little more before I speak. These are life experiences.”


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