Mac Jones receives support from the New England Patriots ahead of the 2022 NFL Playoffs

Yes New England Patriots has returned to the Playoffs of the National Football League (NFL) after two seasons, much of this achievement is due to the work done by The noob mac jones, and their numbers show that they made a good choice putting it in place of Cam Newton.

The one that emerged from the University of Alabama was a starter in all the commitments of the last regular phase, leading to the team led by Bill Belichick to have the positive record of 10 wins and seven losses, becoming the first drafted quarterback to finish with a winning record since 2013.

But it was not all, because Jones recorded in the NFL regular season a 67.6 percent of passes completed, to traverse a total of 3,801 yards and assist for 22 touchdowns, being a leader among the quarterbacks rookies in 2021 on both items. Quite an achievement for the so-called successor of Tom Brady.

The Patriots’ support for Mac Jones for the Playoffs

For all of the above, the franchise’s offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, assured that “Mac is still working on everything”, and adds that he assimilates a lot of information, he is a guy who if you give him five or six topics to work on, modify and improve, he really takes them and tries to do his best with the time we have in training to do what we ask of him”.

Mac Jones will have his absolute debut in the NFL Playoffs, when this saturday january 15, in prime time (8:15 PM ET) visit buffalo bills, in search of breaking a new brand: to be the first rookie to win a postseason game since 2013, When he did it Russell Wilson in Seattle Seahawks.

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