Löwen Frankfurt receive DEL license

The Löwen Frankfurt have now officially received the license for the German Ice Hockey League around two months after their sporting rise. As the second division champion announced on Tuesday, the DEL finally gave the green light after completing the examination process.

“When we submitted the license documents at the beginning of May, we had positive expectations of the examination procedure, but the official confirmation is the last major and essential step for us in terms of returning to excellence,” said managing partner Stefan Krämer: “The anticipation is growing now of course more every day.”

At the end of April, the lions prevailed against the Ravensburg Towerstars in the best-of-seven series of the DEL2 final. In the coming season they replaced the Krefeld Pinguine, who had been relegated from the top German division as the bottom of the DEL main round. The last time there was a relegation was in 2006, when the Kassel Huskies were hit.

The DEL license was withdrawn from Frankfurt in 2010 under the name Frankfurt Lions, and the game was then stopped. The parent club then initially competed under the new name in the Regionalliga West.

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