Los Angeles Lakers accept comparison of LeBron James with Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It was at the beginning of this season of the National Basketball Association (NBA), that the star Lebron James dared to compare the veteran squad that was assembled in Los angeles lakers, with what he did Tampa bay buccaneers about Tom brady, what did the Super Bowl LV.

In the words of the Akron, Ohio native, the arrival of players like Russell westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, DeAndre Jordan and Trevor Ariza, I was going to allow the lagoons perform “a similar trip” to which Florida did in the 2020 contest of NFL.

Weeks have passed, and while the Buccaneers entered the playoffs, in search of repeating what was achieved last season, in the NBA, the Lakers recorded an irregular season that had come halfway through the regular season, with a record of 21 wins and 20 losses. Still, the team agrees with LeBron with the comparison.

Lakers and LeBron’s comparison with Brady’s Buccaneers

Anthony stated in this regard that “only from the point of view of starting slow and having new guys on the team. New system. Guys trying to figure it out, guys trying to figure out how to play LeBron and Anthony Davis and now bringing in Russ and now everyone figuring out what their role is., and what made it beautiful for the Bucs is that once he joined he joined and you saw what happened to that.

For his part, the escort Wayne ellington noted that “everyone was like, ‘Oh no!’ And suddenly, The Buccaneers stepped in at the right time and ended up winning everything, and that’s one of the things I always come back to, when you see how our season is going so far.. And stay positive and professional, man. Understand that this can turn in the right direction quite quickly for us.

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