LoL league LEC starts with a new super team

In the European League of Legends league LEC, many of the teams will start the spring season with major changes from Friday. In addition to LEC newcomers, many European talents are also returning from North America. This means an exciting start for the LEC.

One team is always at the top of the LEC rankings: Team Vitality. Vitality even made it to eighth place in the global rankings for “Upcomer”. “The expectations are incredibly high because Vitality has such individually strong players in the team,” said German commentator Anika “Ryxcales” Wolter in an interview with the “Deutsche Presse-Agentur”.

Pressure on Vitality in the LEC

According to LEC commentator Daniel “Drakos” Drakos, Vitality should make it to the finals. “I find it incredible that this year we are already assuming that we have our finalist,” he says. “It’s a crazy situation but if anyone can handle the pressure it’s Vitality.”

There are similarly high expectations of Fnatic. “I think they will definitely play at the top, but this Fnatic will have a different identity than before,” Ryxcales says of the new team. The organization has brought in LEC Champion Marek “Humanoid” Brázda from MAD Lions, among others.

After a disappointing season with LoL star Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, G2 Esports has also made several changes in player and coaching staff. According to Ryxcales, the team now needs an adjustment phase. “You’re really almost starting from scratch,” says Drakos. “G2 have a chance to prove themselves again. But the team is definitely not the old G2.”

German LEC newcomer very popular

The caster is looking forward to the German rookie Steven “Reeker” Chen, who starts with last year’s champion MAD Lions. “He was in high demand and I have faith in the MAD coaching staff to build a rookie,” says Drakos.

For Ryxcales, his playstyle is exactly what MAD needs now. But Drakos remains cautious: “It’s really difficult at the moment to give MAD a leap of faith.” Whether MAD can defend the title is simply too uncertain at the moment.

According to Drakos, the new season will be a complete bloodbath and chaotic disaster. “That’s the beauty of a new year at the LEC,” said the caster. “Any team can beat any other team.”


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