Lochte provides Olympic medals

Six-time Olympic swimming champion Ryan Lochte has made all of his Olympic bronze and silver medals available for auction.

“I’m not someone who is particularly sentimental about medals,” the AP news agency quoted the 37-year-old American as saying. “My medals just sit in the closet collecting dust. The memories I have are what means the most.”

The proceeds will benefit an organization that enables terminally ill children and their families to travel to dream destinations. The value of the six medals from three Olympic Games is estimated at at least $82,000. Among other things, Lochte is providing a luxury watch for the auction.

“All proceeds go directly to the charity,” said Lochte, who recently competed in a major race at the US Olympic Trials in Tokyo and failed to qualify for the Games in Japan. According to the AP, he has gifted medals won at US championships to children in the audience throughout his career.

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